Beginning Aikido Series

Kulshan Aikikai with be hosting a six week Beginning Aikido Series beginning on Tuesday, January 17th going through Thursday, February 23rd.

Classes will be held twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:35PM to 6:30PM and are designed to introduce beginners to the art of Aikido, and prepare them for Aikido training in “All Levels” classes. The introductory sessions focus on: basic body movements (Aiki taiso), proper rolling and falling technique (ukemi), basic Aikido throws and pins (kihon waza), Dojo etiquette, and terminology.

Adult (14 years and up): $75
WWU / WCC Student: $50

For more information, contact Kulshan Aikikai by email:
phone: 223-9281
or stop by the dojo and speak to an instructor

Seminar with George Ledyard Sensei
October 16-18, 2015

George Ledyard Sensei began his Aikido studies in 1976 under the direct instruction of Mitsugi Saotome Sensei and has continued this association ever since. Ledyard Sensei currently holds the rank of 7th Dan in Aikido.

Sensei Ledyard believes that Aikido should be both a spiritual practice and a martial art. He is known for his work with the staff and sword and also for an innovative approach to applied empty-hand technique which brings in elements from his training in Japanese Koryu, Iaido, Filipino martial arts and Systema.

Attendance is Limited to 14 People

Friday 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM - Noon and 2:00 - 5:00 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM - Noon

For more information, contact Kulshan Aikikai by email:
phone: 223-9281
or stop by the dojo and speak to an instructor

You can pre-register and pay here



10th Anniversary of Kulshan Aikikai
Celebration August 3-5 2012

Grand Opening Celebration Seminar with
Rev. Z. Okimura, 6th Dan, Shihan

Rev. Z. Okimura, Shihan lead our Grand Opening Celebration on November 22, 2008.

Okimura Shihan performed a dojo blessing as well as lead students in a seminar. Approximately 100 people joined in the blessing ceremony ans 22 participated in the seminar (which pretty much packed our somewhat small space). Yudansha traveled from Seattle and Oregon to join in our celebration and it was especially gratifying to have many of the original founding students of Kulshan Aikikai come back and celebrate with us. It was truly a special occasion.

Here's a link to pictures of the celebration

Winter Misogi 2009

Winter Misogi 2007
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Winter Misogi 2006

Winter Misogi 2005